10 tips on what to do in San Francisco de Campeche

One of the most pleasant towns in the Yucatán is definitely the colorful
San Francisco de Campeche
(Campeche for short). Although it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , many tourists miss it. And that’s a big mistake. This colourful town is full of beautiful streets, pleasant cafes and restaurants.

1) Visit the colonial fortifications

View of the city of Campeche from the fortifications
View of the city of Campeche from the fortifications

Campeche is one of the few cities on the North American continent where the city’s fortifications have been preserved. You can climb it in several places, but although some bloggers write that you can walk around the whole city, this is not true. We suspect they’ve never been to Campeche. 🙂 So be careful if you catch such information somewhere.

2) Museo de La Arquitectura Maya

A death mask in the Mayan Museum in Campeche
A death mask in the Mayan Museum in Campeche

If you are interested in the history of the Mayan civilization, you should definitely not miss this tiny museum in Campeche. Entrance costs 55 pesos (about 65 CZK) and it hides real treasures, such as the death mask of a prominent ruler or well-preserved beautifully decorated columns.

3) La Calle 59

Campeche is full of colourful streets and cute cafes and restaurants
Campeche is full of colourful streets and cute cafes and restaurants

Your visit will not be complete without a tour of the city’s most colourful street . It’s full of stylish restaurants, cafes and shops.

4) Visit the beautiful Catedral de la Purisma

City landmark Catedral de la Purisma
City landmark Catedral de la Purisma

One of the Campeche’s most dominant building is the Catedral de la Purisima, which took on its Baroque-Classical appearance in the early 18th century. century. This is one of the best examples of colonial architecture to be found in Campeche.

5) Take a ride on the tourist train

There is a tourist train that runs through the city, which costs 100 pesos (120 CZK) for adults and 40 pesos (50 CZK) for children and takes you on a 45-60 minute tour of the city. The tour is in both Spanish and English and you will learn many interesting facts about the pirate history of the city.

6) Enjoy the sunset on the “malecon” promenade

We experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico right here in Campeche
We experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico right here in Campeche

Campeche is right next to the sea, although you won’t find any beaches here. It’s not that the water is dangerous, just outside the town is Playa Bonita, but there is simply no entrance to the sea. Instead, locals walk the ‘malecon’ promenade which stretches for miles. The most beautiful walks are of course at sunset, which is admired by dozens of tourists and locals every day from the promenade.

7) Light show on the main street

Have you ever been to the Signal Festival in Prague? You can experience something similar in Campeche, every day at 8am. Take a look at

8) Go to Playa Bonita

A short walk from Campeche is Playa Bonita beach
A short walk from Campeche is Playa Bonita beach

Want to take a bath and don’t know where? 20 minutes from Campeche is the beautiful Playa Bonita beach, where you can spend a few hours or even a whole day.

9) Visit the ruins of Edzná or Uxmal

Two hours from Campeche is Uxmal
Two hours from Campeche is Uxmal

If you’re heading to Merida from here, your next stop will definitely be the Uxmal Ruins, which are less than two hours away. Those with more time in Campeche can head to the lesser-known ruins of Edzná, only an hour away.

10) Taste local specialities

Vegetarians don't have it easy here, but there's always something
Vegetarians don’t have it easy here, but there’s always something

At Campeche you can taste dishes you won’t find elsewhere in the Yucatán. Those who, unlike us, eat meat can try, for example, shrimp in coconut, shark or have traditional octopus with garlic and pickled onions. We tasted here vegetarian enmoladas with egg.

The traditional dessert is Postre de Chicozapote, which is made from the fruit of the same name. It grows on the tree from which the Mayans made chewing gum. The dessert is very sweet and has the same consistency as crème brulée.

Where to eat in Campeche

Koko Sushi

If you’ve had enough of Mexican cuisine, try
Koko Sushi
. Mexico isn’t known for quality sushi restaurants, but this one is an exception. For Mexico, the rolls are tasty and they have nice prices.

Café Sotavento

Vegans and vegetarians will appreciate the offer
Cafe Sotavento
where there is a really nice selection of vegan dishes. The menu includes Mexican chilaquiles, waffles and burgers. Nice place to work.


with a wide range of drinks and food. Plus, if you love chocolate, you’ll definitely find it here. Like most places in Campeche, wifi is a given.


Where to stay in Campeche

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Casa Mazejuwi, accommodation in Campeche, Mexico

Casa Mazejuwi

One of top rated accommodation at a great price. It is right in the historic center and the price includes breakfast.

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Las Puertas apartment accommodation in Campeche, Mexico

Las Puertas la Ria

If you are planning to cook and want something cheaper, we recommend the Depto Las Puertas La Ria apartments. However, you pay for a very reasonable price with a greater distance from the centre.

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Luxury hotel

Hacienda Puertas accommodation in Campeche, Mexico

Hacienda Puerta Campeche

Those with a taste for luxury will probably reach for this magnificent hotel from the 17th century. Century, which has its own spa and indoor and outdoor pool. It is located in historic centre and breakfast is included in price.


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