Roadtrip around Iceland: 14-day itinerary + accommodation tips

Would you like to know how to see as much of Iceland as possible in 14-15 days? Where to see and where to stay? We’ve put together an itinerary for a 14-15 day roadtrip around Iceland, including a map with directions and accommodation tips.

Remember, Iceland is one blast after another and you can’t do everything in 14 days. Plus, sometimes you’ll be surprised by bad weather – yes, even in summer it can snow. But we tried to cover the most beautiful and interesting. How much it all cost us, you can find in the next article here in the link.

Day 1) Blue Lagoon (optional day)

  • Blue Lagoon

From Keflavík we can go to the famous turquoise thermal baths Blue Lagoon. Remember to book your tickets early, at least a week in advance in the low season and a month or two in the high season. If it seems expensive, don’t worry, there are many thermal pools all over Iceland that are either a few crowns or even free. You can see the best ones here in the article.


Blue Lagoon is 20 km from the airport and is located in the lava fields near the town of Grindivik. Before it became a major tourist attraction, it was mainly used for therapeutic purposes. The water here is rich in minerals such as silica and sulphur, making bathing suitable for people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis or atopic eczema.

Tip 1: How to save money on accommodation: Iceland is experiencing a tourist boom that the country cannot cover (especially the construction of accommodation). Accommodation prices are therefore high and it is best to book early. Even in low season you may have a problem finding accommodation under 1000 CZK per person. Better not wait for cheap flights, a thousand saved on flights can cost you a lot of money on accommodation.

Where to stay

Day 2) Krýsuvik Geothermal Area and Thingvellir Plains

  • Thingvellir, Krýsuvik, Oxarafoss

From Keflavík we headed towards Krýsuvik, it will take you approximately 45 minutes. In this geothermal area we spent a pleasant hour walking around the bubbling mud pools. After the walk, we headed to the Thingvellir parliamentary plain, where the world’s oldest parliament was probably established.

Roadtrip around Iceland: Walk to the waterfalls
Walk to the waterfalls

The journey to Thingvellir takes approximately 70 minutes. In Thingvellir we walked through the canyon to the beautiful Oxarafoss waterfall and finished the day with the Kerid crater, which was formed some 3 million years ago. It is 70m deep and 70m wide and you can walk around for a small fee. The whole walk will take you no more than 20 minutes.

Tip 2: How to save on accommodation: If there’s anywhere that’s really worth travelling with more than one person, it’s Iceland. You can sleep in beautiful hostels in rooms for four, where you also have cooking facilities. You can reduce the price of accommodation to 500-700 CZK per person!

Where to stay

Day 3) Geysir Thermal Area

  • Geysir, Brjarnafell, Gullfoss,Hrunalaug Hot Springs

On the third day we went to the thermal area of Geysir, where there is a geyser of the same name. If you want to see him shoot water into the air, book more time. At Geysir we also went to the viewpoint on the Bjarnalfell hill, but it was not worth it, plus we managed to change all the seasons in the process, we had sun, crazy wind, rain and hail. They caught us right at the top.

Geysir Thermal Area

From Geysir we went to the massive Gullfoss waterfalls, and we ended the day at the Hrunalaug Hot Springs, 30 km away.

Hrunalaug hot springsr
We recommend travelling to Iceland with at least 4 people, it will reduce the cost significantly

Where to stay

Day 4) Waterfall Day

Day of waterfalls
Day of waterfalls
  • Gluggafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Gljufrafoss, Skogafoss, Dyrholay, Dyrholay

In the morning we went to Gluggafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Gljufrafoss and Skogafoss waterfalls. They are all breathtaking, and if you think you’ll have enough waterfalls, you won’t! After the waterfalls we went to Seljavallalaug swimming pool. Beware, this photogenic thermal pool isn’t that hot, and if you’re there out of season, it can be lukewarm. The changing area is slightly disgusting.

A thermal lake every day: our motto in Iceland
A thermal pool every day: our motto in Iceland

We ended the day with a view from Cape Dyrholay, the black beach of Reynisfjara, which is considered the most beautiful beach in Iceland. Unfortunately we missed the troll rocks of Reyningdrangar in daylight. But maybe you’ll have better luck!

Cape Dyrholay
Cape Dyrholay

Where to stay

Day 5) Glacial lake Jökullsárlón

One of the most magical places in Iceland
One of the most magical places in Iceland
  • Jökullsárlón, Hoffelsjokull, Eystrahorn, Djupivogur

We spent the morning at the glacial lake Jökullsárlón, which is considered one of the most interesting and beautiful phenomena in Iceland. 60 years ago there was a huge glacier on this spot and it is unfortunately clear that soon there will be no lake here. We spent about two hours here, and then continued on to the Hoffelsjokull glacier, where you will also find the excellent Hoffel hot tubs. One of the most beautiful mountains in Iceland is definitely Eystrahorn, which you can see on the drive to Berufjörður, where we decided to spend the night.

Tip 3 How to save on accommodation: use cashbacks! For example, we save money by paying for all accommodation with our Twisto card! You can save 5-13%.

Photogenic Eystrahorn mountain
Photogenic Eystrahorn mountain

Where to stay

Day 6) East Fjords

  • Reyjdarfjordur, Neskaupstadur, Paskahellir, Egilstadiru, Seydisfjordur

In the morning we continued driving around the fjords. Our next stop was Reyjdarfjordur, where you can take a short hill climb (about 2 hours) to Graenefell. We continued on to the easternmost point of Iceland, Neskaupstadur. We took a look at the Easter Caves of Paskahellir, where you can find crystals in the stones (if you try for a while).

short climb to Graenefell
Short climb to Graenefell

Honestly, we expected more from the Easter Caves, so if you need to skip something, I would choose to skip them. We found accommodation in Egilstadir, but as we still had plenty of time, we headed to the popular Seydisfjordur (30 minutes away), where the famous photos of the church with the rainbow walkway are from.


Where to stay

Day 7) Puffs, Snaefell

Most of all we fell in love with the horses in Iceland
Most of all we fell in love with the horses in Iceland
  • Papuchalky, Laugarfell, Snaefell, Hengifoss

We started the day with Borgasfjodur (an hour away from Egilstadir) where you can see puffins in season. We don’t recommend going there in low season because there is nothing there. Then we went to the thermal pools again, this time we chose the luxurious Laugarfell lakes. Don’t worry, the price is not high. On the way you can see the famous Snaefell mountain. and if you have enough time, on the way back to the Hengifoss waterfalls, which are the third highest in Iceland. The journey to the waterfalls will take about 30 minutes.

What would a day in Iceland be without hot pot!

Where to stay:

Same accommodation as the previous day!

Day 8) The mighty Detifoss waterfall

  • Detifoss, Selfoss, Husávik

In the morning we went to the massive Detifoss waterfall, the road is often closed and not suitable for small cars. Read our second article for advice on how to get equipped for Iceland. If you have good weather, you can also walk from Detifoss to Selfoss. We had to skip Selfoss due to the inclement weather and headed to our destination – the beautiful harbour town of Husávik.

Where to stay

Day 9) Whale watching and waterfalls of the gods

The port of Husávik is especially famous for its whale-watching trips. Since we have seen them several times on our travels, we decided to skip this trip and spent the morning exploring the town.

Husavik, town of whales
Husavik, town of whales

But if you’ve never been on a whale watching trip, you should definitely consider investing – it’s one of the most popular trips in Iceland, costs 2000-2500 CZK per person and takes 3-4 hours. You can spend a lovely morning or afternoon there. During the high season (July 1-August 19), departures are at 10:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The season is otherwise from May to September. Book your whale watching in advance, dates fill up quickly in high season(link to booking).

In the afternoon, we headed to Mývatn (about an hour drive from Husavík), where people go mainly for bird watching. And even if we don’t care much for birds, this landscape is breathtaking in itself.This is exactly how I imagine Mars. It took us about an hour and a half to walk around the craters, and then we went to Viti Crater and Krafta Volcano. We ended the day with a sunset at the Godafoss waterfall.


Where to stay

Day 10) Picturesque towns of Iceland

  • Akureyri, Sigufjordur, Hofsos, Grettislaug

In the morning we headed to the traditional sod houses at Eyjafjordur. 40 km from the Arctic Circle is the picturesque harbour of Sigufjordur, where we stopped for a short walk. If you like picturesque towns, stop in Hofsos as well. Traditionally, we ended our tenth day in the Grettislaug thermal pool.

View from Grettislaug
View from Grettislaug

Where to stay

Day 11) West Fjords

  • The rugged landscape of the western fjords

On the eleventh day we had a long crossing along the south side of the western fjords. Not to worry, the road is truly magical, pure and it is the least visited part of Iceland. I think the romantic term “raw” is often used for this type of landscape. Maybe even a little rough. But you won’t be bored here. Actually, make sure you make it to the finish line, almost every kilometer calls for a stop. And of course for those of us with cameras – the photos. In the evening we stayed in a beautiful cabin where we watched the Northern Lights. What more could you ask for!

Where to stay

Day 12) Dynjandi Fairy Waterfall

  • Dynjandi, Pullurin, Armardfjordur, Bidudalur

In the morning we started the day with a swim in the thermal lakes of Pullurin and an hour later we were exploring the western fjords. The journey is adrenaline-fuelled, long and takes more time than Google says. You pass over the beautiful Arnardfjordur and the harbour of Bildudalur. We ended the day with the Dynjandi Fairy Waterfall, where we spent at least an hour and a half. Some say it is the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. I feel like I want to say that about everyone! In the evening we arrived in Isafjordur, where we stayed.

Where to stay

Day 13) Isafjordur and the Viking landscape

  • Isafjorfur, Littlibaer, Holmavík, Búðardalur

Isafjordur is famous for with its dramatic vistas and wooden houses z 18. and 19th century original fishing settlements. If you are interested in local history, you can visit the museum. Instead, we continued straight on along the northern side of the western fjords. The weather was really cold at the beginning of October. Those who will be in Iceland during the season (which ends in mid-September) can go for a coffee at the Littlibaer sod house. Unfortunately, traveling in the off-season has its downsides. On the other hand, we saved money on overpriced Icelandic coffee.

A Viking landscape you can't help but love
A Viking landscape you can’t help but love

And so we set off through the Viking countryside, admiring the breathtaking views, almost getting stuck in a blizzard, but eventually we made it through Holmavík to our accommodation in Búðardalur.

Where to stay

Day 14) Snaefellness Peninsula

Kirkjufell let us down a bit
Kirkjufell let us down a bit
  • Snaefellness, Kirkjufellfoss, Atranes

Our trip was coming to an end, the penultimate day we devoted Snaefellness peninsula, where our first stop was in Stykkisholmur. One of our destinations was a waterfall Kirkjufellfosswho is the most photographed waterfall in Iceland. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed, because all the tourists in Iceland were hiding here and the magical view of the waterfall is only from one particular angle. From other angles, it looks quite ordinary.

If we lived in Iceland, I would absolutely need a horse
If we lived in Iceland, I would absolutely need a horse

We made up for it in the romantic village of Arnastapi, where it is worth stopping for a longer walk. There are beautiful rock formations in the water and you can see snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Our last stop was Snæfellsjökull, a 700,000 year old stratovolcano whose summit is covered by a glacier. We stayed in the town of Atranes just outside Reykjavik.

Where to stay

15) Hot River and Reykjavik

  • Reykjadalur, Hallgrimskirkja, The Sun Voyager, Harpa

Since we were leaving late in the evening, we decided to go to the hot Reykjadalur River on the last morning. It is a 45-minute climb to the thermal river. Yes, an ascent to a real hot river! But beware, if it’s cold and the wind is freezing, you might want to give the river a miss. You have to change outside.

Hot river in Iceland
Hot river in Iceland

So we didn’t go to Reykjavik until the afternoon, the weather was not in our favour, but honestly we didn’t mind. After those two weeks in Iceland we were so full of impressions, cold and liquorice that we had expensive Icelandic coffee and enjoyed our last moments in this land of ice in the warmth of a café.

In Reykjavík you can visit Hallgrímskirkja, a strange looking church that reminded me more of a spaceship, in good weather you can even climb the church tower for about 200 CZK. Take a look at the futuristic Harpa concert hall and of course, don’t forget The Sun Voyager, a modern sculpture of a ship on the shore, which is probably the most popular attraction in Reykjavik.

Iceland is one hit after another and definitely worth a visit
Iceland is one hit after another and definitely worth a visit

Do you want to know how much it cost us? You can find the exact budget in our next article

Map of the route in Iceland for download

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