28 Best Wellness Hotels in the Czech Republic

If the weather outside is not the most beautiful and you would like to go somewhere for a long weekend , a wellness hotel is one of the most popular choices. Let’s take a look at the best wellness hotels in the country near where you live.

Obsah článku

What to look out for when choosing a wellness hotel in the Czech Republic

Not every wellness hotel suits everyone, that’s for sure, we all have different tastes. Some people prefer large wellness hotels, others want privacy and some of you may want to go to a spa hotel where children are not allowed. The best wellness hotel means something different to everyone, so always look not only at reviews and tips from friends, but also at what you expect from your stay.

But be careful which season you go in. We have found that in some wellness hotels you get a completely different level of service in high and low season. For example, we were disappointed by the wellness hotel Sv. Katherinewhich is why you won’t find it in the selection.

Chateau Heralec rest house best wellness hotels
Relaxation room overlooking the castle garden

28 tips for the best wellness hotels and wellness stays for two in the Czech Republic

It’s nasty, rainy and drizzly outside and you want to escape somewhere you’ll be comfortable? We have prepared a list of the 28 best Czech wellness hotels. We have divided them approximately by the locations where they are located so that you can choose a wellness hotel near your home.

We have added luxury wellness hotels that cost more than 10 000 CZK per night, but we have also included cheap and very well rated wellness hotels that do not have super modern equipment, but have a quality wellness centre and great service. We believe that you will choose from our offer and enjoy your wellness stay to the fullest.

Wellness stays for two in Moravia

If Moravia and Bohemia were to compete for the best wellness, Moravia would probably win (and we in South Bohemia would lose in a landslide 😁), in Moravia you can find wellness hotels that are suitable for a romantic weekend for two or for larger groups. Let’s take a look at the best wellness hotels in Moravia.

Wellness Infinit Maximus

Probably the most famous wellness can be found in Brno in South Moravia. Maximus Resort is rightfully one of the most renowned. Their sauna world offers 12 saunas, massages, private baths and thermal pools. There’s a photogenic cooling pool and if you stay at the hotel, you’ll be treated to a hearty breakfast and a great dinner. Whoever we sent here for a wellness stay enjoyed the long weekend to the max.

loudavymkrokem doporuceni
Maximus Resort Brno - the best wellness hotels in the Czech Republic - tip for a wellness stay
Maximus Resort Brno

Hotel Sladovna – cheaper wellness for larger groups

The little-known hotel Sladovna is located next to the brewery in Černá Hora, not far from Brno. It is a wellness hotel that is relaxed, it doesn’t play around and is therefore more for a relaxing holiday with friends than for a romantic weekend. But the price is friendly, the staff is very nice and besides the jacuzzi and sauna you will also find a swimming pool in the hotel. Larger groups will appreciate the opportunity to bowl.

Hotel Sladovna - cheaper wellness for larger groups - cheap wellness hotel

Theresian Hotel in Olomouc

Right in the centre of Olomouc you will find the Theresian Hotel, so you can combine a wellness stay with exploring the city. The hotel has a small wellness area with a Kneipp walkway, sauna and hot tub. There used to be a great restaurant in the hotel, but it has recently closed. But that’s okay, because you can have lunch and dinner at one of the restaurants in the centre.

Theresian Hotel Olomouc - best wellness stays
Theresian Hotel Olomouc

Theatre hotel in Olomouc

Among the best wellness hotels is definitely the Theatre Hotel in Olomouc. Right when you enter, you will be impressed by the design lobby, but the biggest gem here is the wellness and then the Entree restaurant under the direction of chef Přemek Forejt. We consider this restaurant to be the best restaurant in the Czech Republic in terms of gastronomic experience.

Lobby of Hotel Theatre - wellness in Olomouc
Lobby of the Theatre Hotel

Wellness & spa hotel Augustinian House in Luhacovice

The Wellness & Spa Hotel Augustinian House is the highest rated wellness hotel on this list. On booking.com it even has 9.6. If you’ve been there, you’re probably not surprised. The hotel has a great breakfast but also offers dinner.

You can relax in the relatively large garden and in the summer you can swim in the swimming pond. If you don’t like mass spas, you’ll appreciate that the wellness area with a hot tub, swimming pool and sauna world is relatively quiet. Don’t forget to get a massage.

Wellness & spa hotel Augustinian House

Wellness in Grandhotel Tatra

lMountain hotel Grandhotel Tatra in the beautiful surroundings of Velké Karlovice, where foxes give good night. There is a nice restaurant, a swimming pool with counter-current, a very good spa with an outdoor terrace where you can find a jacuzzi. Be careful when staying in the summer as they have mobile and quite noisy air conditioners. This wellness belongs to the cheaper ones but unfortunately it also reflects on the quality of some services.

Grandhotel Tatra 28 tips for the best wellness hotels and wellness stays for two in the Czech Republic

Wellness hotels and wellness stays for two in the Highlands

We don’t have many popular wellness hotels in the Highlands, but there is Chateau Herálec, where I would go until I’m completely ruined. A person who loves wellness should really go there at least once.

Chateau Herálec

If I wanted to go back to somewhere, it would definitely be Chateau Herálec. The relatively large premises of the chateau have been sensitively renovated and now you will find truly chateau-like but luxurious accommodation that combines history and modernity. The chateau is incredibly cosy and the on-site spa is an oasis of calm.

wellness hotel Chateau Herálec
wellness hotel Chateau Herálec

The best wellness hotels in South Bohemia

I’m a girl I’m from South Bohemia and I like living here, but as far as wellness hotels are concerned, it seems to me that the offer here is definitely not as good as I would like. Still, there are a few options here if you want to go on a trip to the south and combine it with wellness or if you are also a proud South Bohemian and don’t want to go all the way to Beskydy or Prague.

Hotel Nautilus, Tabor

The camp is our sweetheart, because Lukas and I got engaged there years ago. It’s a wonderful city to spend a weekend in and when you combine it with wellness, you don’t even have to worry about bad weather. Hotel Nautilus has an absolutely fabulous location right in the centre of Žižkov Square, where you will find the best local businesses.

The spa at this hotel is small, offering only a Finnish sauna and a private hot tub. But you can also go for various massages.

Wellness hotel in the camp is one of the best wellness hotels in South Bohemia
Wellness hotel in Tábor

Wellness Hotel Diamant

A 10-minute walk from the Hluboká Chateau you will find the Diamant Wellness Hotel, which has a smaller wellness centre, but a special sauna for women and a wide range of treatments. If you have a sleep problem, the Diamant Hotel is known for its quality mattresses (of course mattresses are very subjective 🙂 ). The design of the hotel might be something I would personally look for, but I can’t deny the hotel is extremely clean, which I can appreciate.

Wellness Hotel Diamant is one of the best wellness hotels

Wellness hotels in Beskydy

From our selection you may think that the best wellness hotels are in the Beskydy Mountains. If you want to be surrounded by nature, enjoy a beautiful wellness in a Scandinavian-style hotel and eat well, the Beskydy Mountains have in recent years become home to hotels that offer all of the above.

ENDEMIT Boutique Hotel & Spa

The breathtaking location of the Endemit Hotel is one of the best-rated wellness hotels in the Beskydy Mountains. No wonder. In addition to the divine views, it offers a great spa, an amazing restaurant and cosy rooms. So if you’re looking for a wellness hotel in the middle of nature, Endemit could be the right choice.

ENDEMIT Boutique Hotel & Spa is one of the best wellness hotels

Hotel Miura

For lovers of contemporary art and architecture, there is the Miuroa Hotel, which you will find on Čeladná. It has a renowned restaurant, is close to the golf courses and has a great spa with a relaxing bubble pool, hydro massage, steam and salt baths, Kneipp walkway and sauna world. MIURA SPA is one of the few implementations of the KLAFS SPA concept in Central Europe.

Wellness hotel in Beskydy - Hotel Miura

Resort CATTALEYA – wellness hotel in the middle of forests

If you want to relax in the middle of the woods, you should check out the CATTALEYA Resort, where you can also enjoy a private spa with a hot tub and sauna. Here, too, the place is known for its excellent restaurant and great breakfasts. There will also be golfers , only 3 km from the resort you will find a golf course. For us, the hotel has one major drawback, dogs are not allowed.

Resort CATTALEYA - wellness hotel in the middle of forests

Hotel Vitality – wellness hotel with tennis courts, bowling and badminton

Of the mentioned wellness hotels in the Beskydy Mountains, it is certainly one of the cheapest and also the least designed. However, if you are looking for a wellness hotel where you will have other activities besides the spa, Hotel Vitality is worth considering. The hotel also has tennis courts and mini golf, and you can play bowling or badminton in the adjacent area.

The spa itself is quite extensive, with a swimming pool with two lanes for swimmers, three whirlpools, a water bar and other water activities, and of course various types of saunas. This wellness is definitely one of the best wellness hotels if you prefer great sports and relaxation and don’t want Scandinavian design or private wellness.

wellness hotel Vitality
wellness hotel Vitality

Pension Jurášek

Pension Jurášek is another gem in Beskydy. As well as an excellent spa, the hotel also offers a ski storage room, making it an excellent base for skiers. The guesthouse is located near the forest, like most hotels in the Beskydy Mountains, where there are also swimming lakes. The wellness centre features three saunas, a steam room and a swimming pool.

Pension Jurášek

Where to go for wellness from Prague?

Are you from Prague and don’t want to go far to the wellness centre or are you going to Prague for a weekend and want to combine it with a relaxing stay? We have prepared for you both wellness facilities in Prague and spa hotels within an hour’s drive from Prague. We believe that you will choose.

Chateau St. Havel – wellness in Prague 4

Wellness hotel Chateau St. Havel is located in Prague 4 in the grounds of a former chateau. This wellness hotel is one of the cheaper ones, but also one of the lower rated. What you might appreciate is the opportunity to play golf. The rooms are decorated in a chateau style, which may not be to everyone’s liking. It is certainly not as sensitively equipped as, for example, Chateau Herálec.

Chateau St. Havel - wellness in Prague 4

Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa – Preferred Hotels & Resorts in Prague 1

Directly in Prague 1 you will find a UNESCO-protected Baroque monument (the House of Jesus) from the 16th century. century one of the most luxurious spas in Prague. So if you want to combine the tour Prague with wellness, you have the opportunity at the Alchymyst Grand Hotel and Spa, which has a unique Ecsotica spa in the basement of the 11. century. Access to the wellness area is free for hotel guests.

Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is a wellness centre in the centre of Prague
Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is a wellness centre in the centre of Prague

Aquapalace Hotel Prague in Prague for families with children

Do you have young children and need a spa where they will enjoy themselves? Head to Aquapalace Hotel Prague, the largest indoor waterpark in Central Europe. Within the hotel you have access to the water park but also to the wellness area.

The children will have fun in the water park and you can enjoy a day in the sauna. If you have smaller children who need to be supervised at all times, take a grandmother or friends with you and take turns babysitting.

Aquapalace Hotel Prague in Prague for families with children - wellness in Prague

Chateau Mcely Bouquet Spa near Mladá Boleslav

When you really want to please your spouse or go on an extremely romantic trip full of luxury, Chateau Mcely should fulfil your every fantasy of a wellness stay full of peace, tranquillity and good food. Chateau Mcely has a pleasant garden, a small swimming pool and a nice spa.

Wellness stay in Chateau Mcely
A wellness stay at Chateau Mcely is synonymous with luxury

Vista Resort & Club at Prague Castle

This Scandinavian-style wellness hotel, a short walk from Prague Castle, is an oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city. If you would like to combine a wellness stay with a visit Prague, you won’t regret going to Vista Resort & Club. The spa and wellness area is one of the smaller ones and you have to pay separately.

Vista Resort & Club at Prague Castle Wellness in Prague

Spa Hotel Felicitas in Poděbrady

Do you want to go out of Prague, but don’t want to go to the end of the country? How about trying the Spa Hotel Felicitas in Poděbrady. Poděbrady is an absolutely beautiful but quiet town, so you can enjoy the tranquility if you are escaping from the hustle and bustle of the big city and it is only 50 minutes away from Prague.

The only thing you might be disappointed about is that the sauna is not included in the price of the hotel room, so be prepared to pay extra for it. On the other hand, the hotel is cheaper than those located directly in Prague.

Wellness hotel in Poděbrady
Wellness hotel in Poděbrady

Salori near Hradec Kralove

A relatively hard to follow oasis of calm with very uncluttered pages is Salori Sauna Garden which also offers beautiful and very modern Scandinavian-style accommodation. It’s a bit further from Prague (a little over an hour).

Salori near Hradec Kralove

The best wellness hotels in North Bohemia

What are the best wellness hotels in North Bohemia? That’s exactly what we’ve focused on in this selection, and you’ll find plenty of them, including the Antonie Hotel, where we spent two amazing New Year’s Eves.

Hotel Bedřiška in Spindleruv Mlyn

Hotel Bedřiška is an excellent choice if you want to combine an active holiday with a relaxing one. In addition to the wellness facilities, the hotel has tennis courts and offers free cable car tickets for interesting hiking trails. The hotel is right next to the forest, a short walk from the ski slope and near the bobsled track.

Hotel Bedřiška in Spindleruv Mlyn

Wellness hotel V Nebi, Příchovice, Korenov

Do you want to feel like you’re in Heaven? Then you must go to the wellness hotel in Nebi, which is one of the newest wellness hotels in the Czech Republic. You will find this Czech heaven just outside Harrachov in the middle of nature with panoramic views. The hotel has a wellness centre with a heated indoor pool, Finnish and herbal sauna, as well as a spacious garden with an outdoor Finnish sauna and a cooling pond.

In Heaven wellness hotels

Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec, Pec pod Sněžkou

The Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec in Pec pod Sněžkou has a wonderful wellness area with sauna, jacuzzi, but also offers a great children’s corner and a wonderful restaurant. Families with children will appreciate the fact that they can stay in an apartment. Dogs are welcome here, they will even prepare a bowl and paw towel for your dog in the room. The rooms are extremely cosy and you won’t miss anything during your stay.

Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec, Pec pod Sněžkou

Antonie hotel in Frydlant

Antonie hotel in Frydlant is not very well known and that is a pity. We have spent two New Year’s Eves in Antonia in recent years and can 100% recommend it to everyone. Hotel Antonie has a great spa, wellness area, and a squash or badminton area.

In addition, there is an excellent restaurant. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to leave the hotel at all and you certainly won’t get bored. However, you can go hiking in the surroundings and cross-country skiing in summer.

Moreover, the hotel is pet-friendly, so you can come here with your dogs.

View from the Antonie Hotel - the best wellness in the Czech Republic

Wellness in the Babylon Centre in Liberec

Babylon is past its prime, let’s face it. During my childhood it was the most luxurious place my parents could take us and maybe that’s why I remember it fondly. It’s still a great place for families with kids, although the rooms in the hotel seem a bit older and maybe Aquapalace Prague is a bit better.

Wellness and spa hotels in West Bohemia

West Bohemia is famous for its spa, it will not surprise you to find here some of the greatest jewels of Czech wellness hotels, namely Resort Kovárna Frýdštejn.

Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort – Karlovy Vary

Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort near Karlovy Vary has been one of the most popular spa hotels for quite a long time. But it’s also noticeable on furniture that already shows some signs of wear and tear. Nevertheless, you will appreciate the beautiful view from the pool, the sauna and the possibility to go to the gym. The resort is especially popular with golfers as it is located right on the golf course.

Brickworks Golf & Wellness Resort

Retro Riverside Wellness Resort in Vary

Probably the best rated wellness hotel in this part of the country is the Retro Riverside Wellness Resort. In addition to the saunas, there is a beautiful pool with a view, extremely friendly staff and owner, and excellent food. In addition to a sauna, swimming pool and hot tub, guests can enjoy the fitness centre.

Retro Riverside Wellness Resort

Resort Kovárna Frýdštejn

Among the most beautiful accommodations in the Czech Republic is definitely the Resort Kovárna, which is an absolutely breathtaking place and deserves the high ratings it receives from guests.

Very sensitively combining modern elements with historical ones, it’s a cosy place full of leather features that reminds me of the luxurious country estates of the American West. Breakfast here is picnic style and the spa is just as fabulous as the rest of the resort.

Resort Kovárna Frýdštejn

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go for wellness in the Czech Republic?

To Brno to the Maximus Hotel, to the Beskydy Mountains to the Endemit Hotel or in Prague to the Vista Resort & Club near Prague Castle.

What is a wellness stay?

A wellness stay is the name given to a stay in a hotel that offers a sauna world, swimming pool, whirlpool and massages.

Where to go for wellness in Prague?

In Prague you can go to the wellness hotel Chateau St. Havel, Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa or Aquapalace Hotel Prague.

Where to go for super wellness?

The best wellness hotels include Resort Kovárna, Wellness & Spa Hotel Augustinian House and V nebi.

Where to go for wellness in Beskydy?

The best wellness facilities in the Beskydy Mountains include ENDEMIT Boutique Hotel & Spa, Hotel Miura, Hotel Vitality and Penzion Jurášek.

What is the best wellness in the Czech Republic?

The best wellness in the Czech Republic is in the Maximus Resort, the Kovárna Resort, the Wellness & Spa Hotel Augustinian House and Chateau Herálec.

Where to go for wellness in South Bohemia?

The best wellness in South Bohemia is at the Nautilus Hotel in Tábor and in
Wellness Hotel Diamant.

Where to go for the best wellness in West Bohemia?

The best wellness hotels in West Bohemia are Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort and Resort Kovárna Frýdštejn.

Where to go for wellness with children?

With small children, go to the Aquapalace Prague or Aparthotel Svatý Vavřinec for wellness.

Where to go for a wellness stay with your dog?

For a wellness stay with your dog you can, for example, go to the Hotel Antonie.

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