The 27 Best Hipster and Insta Cafes in Prague You Must Visit

Our article about the ten best hipster cafes in Prague is visited by dozens of coffee lovers every day. But it’s from 2018 and the cafes in Prague are growing at a rapid pace.

Because you deserve to visit ALL the most beautiful cafes in Prague, we have a new list for 2019. In total, 27 other Prague cafés that are ideal for meetings, brunch and work. At the end of the article you will find a map that you can easily download to your phone.

Our list is full of hipster-themed cafes and all of them are insta-friendly, so don’t forget your phones and cameras. There will be plenty to photograph! 🙂

1) Cafe Chloe

Interior / Girly dates


It can only be pink…. This tiny café with flower wall is a café for the ultimate girly party. Romantic decor, beautiful pink drinks and cupcakes. Careful, the cafe is really tiny.

2) Café pod Lipami

The best hot chocolate in Prague

hot chocolate with whipped cream held by hands
Hot chocolate from Kavárna Pod Lipami, photo: Facebook Kavárna Pod Lipami, crop

A cute little café just off Letenský náměstí, where you can have sweet cakes or soup in addition to good coffee. Some claim that they have the best hot chocolate in Prague. You’ll have to judge for yourself if that’s true.

3) Café Neustadt

Working meetings

Woman holding a latte at Cafe Neudstadt
Café Neudstadt, photo: Facebook Café Neudstadt

For quiet business meetings around Charles Square, I usually disappear to Cafe Neustadt, located in the courtyard of the New Town Hall. The cafe is quiet, they have excellent coffee and you can also have something to eat.

4) Super Tramp Coffee

Good coffee and food, business meetings for those who like hipster places


Inside you will find beautiful floral decorations, friendly service and a quiet environment for meetings and work. Again, this is one of the most hipster cafes in Prague, besides great cakes you can also enjoy music from the gramophone. Summer seating takes place on the outside steps.

5) Loft cafe Karlin

For online work and business meetings

Interior of Loft Cafe Karlín
Loft Cafe Karlin, photo: Facebook Loft Cafe Karlín

Loft cafe Karlín was established in 2017 and from the beginning it has been presented as a café that is suitable for work and business meetings. The concept of the café is the work of entrepreneur Michal Dubský and David Kolář, who wanted to create a pleasant innovative space where only selected coffee is served. You can have a small snack here and the wifi works mostly without problems.

6) Cafedu

For learning and working online

Two baguettes and a latte at Cafed
The food and coffee at Cafed is excellent, photo: Facebook Cafedu

Cafedu presents itself as a quiet non-stop study room and it fulfills this purpose at first glance. It has large windows, desks spacious enough to work and fast wifi. If you love Dos Mundos coffee like we do, you’ll be right at home here.

The café is bustling with students studying or working on projects together. Unfortunately, it is so popular that it is often full. Always remember to check the second floor as well.

7) Periphery Cafe

Work meetings, hanging out with friends

Periferie Cafe interior
Periferie Cafe, photo: Facebook Periferie Cafe

You won’t find that many beautiful cafés in Braník, but Periferie Cafe has everything hipsters and families with children are looking for. Here you can find organic products and homemade strudel, and if you feel like a beer, no problem. Also suitable as a place for business meetings.

8) Style & Interior

Business meetings and dates

interior of the café Style and Interier Prague
Inside the Styl and Interier café in Prague

Treasure in Vodičkova Street. If you’re looking for a quiet place to meet, especially during the warm spring and summer months, head to the charming garden of the Style & Interier café in Vodičkova Street. If you love cheesecake, we’ve never been disappointed here.

9) Ema Espresso Bar

Good coffee, latte art


Very stylish and unfortunately often full cafe. Ema is synonymous with perfect latte art in Prague, which is why she is often the target of local Instagrammers. Again, you won’t die of hunger here, you can have a good coffee with and a good cake or bun. The simple interior won’t let you down either. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a vacancy here.

10) Dos Mundos Café

Meetings, delicious brunch and coffee


I think the best coffee in Prague is at Dos Mundos. Period. Okay, a hundred people, a hundred tastes, but I love the coffee at Dos Mundos and happily recommend them everywhere I go. My favourite branch is in Letná, it has swings, it’s quiet for meetings and work.

11) Alf & Bet

Good coffee, bakery

Alf & Bet café interior
Alf & Bet, photo: Facebook Alf & Bet

Café and bakery in one not far from Palmovka station dressed in industrial outfit. You probably won’t go here for a business meeting or to study, but you can definitely get good coffee and great pastries here.

12) Café only

All types of appointments


Vršovice is no longer a forgotten corner, you can just go to Café for a great brunch or just sit down over a good coffee. They offer eggs, porridge and smoothie bowl. Their desserts are also praised. Nice environment for all types of meetings.

13) Soloist Espresso Bar

Great coffee/dates/meetings


Another nice little café in Letná, where the owner prepares your coffee directly, has two types of coffee from Coffee Source and Colonna roasters on the grinder every day.

14) Oliver’s Coffee Cup

Work meetings / quiet workplace

Oliver's Coffee Cup
Oliver’s Coffee Cup, photo: Facebook Oliver’s Coffee Cup

This cozy café right on the busy Wenceslas Square, where they can even make you a bear for a latte, reminds me in a way of Kontakt café in Budapest. Ideal for a quick escape from the hectic Wenceslas Square. Also suitable as a place for workshops.

15) Cacao Prague

Meetings / dates / good food / smoothies


Cacao may not have the most insta-friendly interiors, but you won’t complain at breakfast. Here you will find not only delicious cakes and great sandwiches, but also a huge selection of healthy meals and smoothies. Whether you love Buddha bowls or would like to have a green smoothie, Cacao has it all.

16) SmetanaQ

Work online / work meetings / dates / food

SmetanaQ, photo: Facebook SmetanaQ

The stylish café next to Hollar on Smetana Embankment used to be my frequent retreat during my university days. They not only have good coffee, but also fast internet and excellent waffles and sandwiches.

17) Happy Cafe

Work meetings / healthy cakes /

The old café
Happy Cafe, photo: Facebook Št’astná kavárna

Good coffee in cheerful mugs, amazing desserts and sandwiches made in-house are prepared from the finest ingredients sourced from local producers. I’ve grown to love it especially for the owners who really have their hearts in the right place. The café has wifi and is ideal for work and any meetings due to its quiet environment.

18) Café looking for a name

Business meetings / Online work / Food / Coffee

Cafe looking for a name
Café looking for a name, photo: Facebook Café looking for a name

Who hasn’t been here, it’s as if he hasn’t lived among Prague hipsters. Seriously, this café in Andel has everything you want from a café. They have created a relaxed comfortable environment with excellent coffee and food in the former joinery shop. Their eggs benedict was once an Instagram hit and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t taken a picture of their toilets. Well, there’s a reason, by the way, go there yourself. They have fast internet and this place is good for business meetings and dates. Just beware, you often have to wait for seats.

19) Cobra

Brunch / Food / Interior


For a stylish brunch that’s not only great, but also looks good, try Cobra. In interesting interior they serve you the most trendy food that will satisfy not only your sweet tooth but also your Instagram. The coffee is also great.

20) Cafe spirit

Goodies / coffee / meetings / readings

Cafe Spirit
Cafe Spirit, photo: Facebook Cafe Spirit

Another place that is known for its goodies that look great and taste just as good. Good coffee is already in our selection of attractions. This small café in Žižkov is ideal for meetings or just to sit down with a book.

21) Mouse Candy Shop

History / Honest Czech desserts


Confectionery Mouse follows the First Republic history of confectionery František Mouse. His pastry shop in Vodičkova Street has been frequented by Prague families for decades. I recommend visiting at least once in your life if you like history and traditional desserts. Definitely a nice place to take visitors.

22) Cafe Letka

Meetings / Interior / Food

Cafe Letka
Cafe Letka

On their website you can read “The squadron was a café already during the monarchy. But then she forgot how to be a café for a hundred years. Today, Letka is a modern café with everything.” I can’t say how it was a hundred years ago, but today you can really find everything you need. A pleasant environment, a fine breakfast/brunch menu and of course great coffee. The perfect place for meetings.

23) La Boheme Cafe

Meetings / Teas / Interior


If you prefer tea to coffee, you’ll know this place. The beautiful setting of La Boheme Cafe in Vinohrady offers an ideal place for meetings.  They have a great selection of teas, and of course the coffee is good too.

24) BOHO Cafe and store

Meetings, online work, food

Interior of BOHO Cafe and store
BOHO Cafe and store, photo: Facebook BOHO Cafe and store

Nice place in Vinohrady to work, to read and to eat. The Boho Cafe also has a great wine selection and a small outdoor seating area.

25) Laundry Café

Meetings, food, coffee


Homemade soups, cakes and fine coffee, Prádelna café is a quiet café in Vinohrady with outdoor seating. You can come here for a light lunch or a business meeting.

26) Monolok Cafe

Best avocado toast, business meetings, online work, coffee


For a long time I was trying to find out where they have the best avocado toast in Prague. The winner for me was Monolok Cafe, where we like to go not only for breakfast, but also for business meetings. In Monolok they have a stable wifi connection, just ask for the password and you can work from here in in peace.

27) Cloud Coffee

Reading, studying, meetings

Coffee and cake on the table at Oblak Coffee
Cloud Coffee, photo: Facebook Oblak Coffee

A small café in Vršovice, which is a good place for reading, studying and meetings. It stands out for its friendly service, good sandwiches and excellent coffee. It is obvious that the owners love good coffee.

Tip: other cafes in Prague on Firmy.cz

Map of Prague cafes to download to your phone

If you have Google Maps on your phone, you can download a map of Prague cafes to your phone. You can open it anytime and see which of these great cafes is closest to you. The ultimate tool for thirsty coffee lovers!

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