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I have a whole collection of travel coffee makers at home, but the Outin Nano is the first coffee maker that can heat its own water. The coffee maker impressed me so much that I’ve dedicated this separate review to it. If you’re considering buying, or just picking out your first travel coffee maker, take the opportunity to leave a comment below the article. I’ll be happy to answer your questions. 😊

My impressions

The Outin Nano electric portable coffee maker is an excellent espresso machine for travel, but I’ve found it works as a source of entertainment on visits, or as a source of good coffee at grandmas and other households where they know at most so dissolvable coffee. They are so impressed with the coffee machine that they are not even offended that I brought my own coffee 😁

I have tested that it can handle 4 espressos (each made from 50ml of water) on one charge if I use cold water. I haven’t hit the limit with hot water, but according to the manufacturer it can handle up to 200 on a single charge.

With its 700g, the coffee machine is slightly heavier than other alternatives. For example, my Wacaco Nanopresso machine with the double espresso adapter and larger tank is not much lighter. At the same time, it is quite compact, it fits easily in my backpack next to a 750ml water bottle (they are about the same size).

💡 I like the coffee maker so much that I wrote to the manufacturer and begged a 10% discount 😂 Just click through this link.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Outin Nano coffee machine

+ heats water– Charges in ~2 hours
+ produces a pleasant foam– heavier than other travel coffee machines
+ 200 cups of coffee with hot water– 5 cups of cold water

Basic technical information

The coffee machine is an electrical device, so it has the relevant certificates. It meets the standards recommended by the ECBC(European Coffee Brewing Center) and monitors its own temperature, pressure and speed to ensure the most consistent result.

It heats the water to 92°C and the coffee outlet temperature is ~80°C. Charges via USB-C.

  • Weight: 670 g
  • Heating speed: 50ml heats in ~3 minutes (depending on ambient temperature and water temperature)
  • Pressure: 20 bar
  • Power: 90W
  • Water tank material: food-grade stainless steel
  • Reservoir volume: max 80 ml
  • Battery: Lithium, 7500 mAh
  • Battery life: ~4 espressos with cold water
  • Methods: ground coffee or Nespresso capsules

What you will find in the package

The coffee maker is packaged in a nice, designer box that is all printed and full of information. Inside you will find additional leaflets with instructions on how to use the coffee machine. Also included:

  • 1x Outin Nano coffee machine
  • 1x measuring cup for ground coffee
  • 1x container for ground coffee
  • 1x adapter for Nespresso capsules
  • 1x USB-C cable

You will need to buy the portable wrapper separately, but you don’t need the wrapper unless you plan to combine both preparation methods when travelling.

Outin Nano package contents
Outin Nano package contents

How to prepare coffee with Outin

I would divide the coffee brewing process by method. Either use freshly ground coffee or save yourself the trouble and use any capsule that is compatible with Nespresso machines. I’ll start by saying that working with the capsule is much easier.

Cold or hot water

The coffee maker has only one button to enter multiple commands.

  • You use cold water – hold the button for two seconds, the machine heats the water and starts extraction.
  • Use lukewarm to warm water – hold the button for two seconds, the machine will heat the water and start extraction.
  • You use hot water -hold the button for five seconds, the coffee machine skips heating and starts extraction.
Outin Nano ready-made coffee
Outin Nano ready-made coffee

Preparation from ground coffee

If you decide to make coffee using ground coffee, you will face a more complicated process. You need to fill the tray with coffee, stew it, close it with a perforated cap and insert the tray into another cylinder that you screw onto the bottom of the Outin Nano. You put a semi-transparent cup on top of it and the coffee flows into it.

There is a water chamber on the top of the machine, you fill it with 50ml of water (or more, it will take 80ml max) and place it on the table. Then start the coffee machine.

One white light out of four lights on the coffee machine will illuminate. As the water heats up, all the lights gradually come on until after about three minutes the machine beeps and starts extracting. When you are done, you can disassemble and clean the coffee machine.

As with all other coffee makers, this method of brewing is a bit messy and you’ll have coffee everywhere when cleaning. That’s why I prefer capsules.

Outin Nano - preparation of ground coffee
Outin Nano – preparation of ground coffee

Preparation from capsule

Preparing from a capsule is easier, faster and mess-free. Simply insert any capsule compatible with Nespresso coffee machine (you can find good selections, for example from Doubleshot), screw it in and start the machine.

Quick cleaning is then a matter of ten seconds.

Outin Nano preparation from the capsule
Outin Nano preparation from the capsule

Cleaning the coffee machine when the water is not flowing

You may find that the water in your coffee machine stops flowing. This is caused in most cases due to the pressure inside the device.

The coffee maker has a special cleaning mode for this problem, which you are instructed to use before each coffee preparation. I do this about every tenth coffee and have no problem. 😊

To start the cleaning mode, turn the machine upside down, remove the filter container and pour cold water into the opening. To start cleaning, press the button twice. The water flows and it’s done. Basically, it just cleans the pipes.

If that doesn’t work, you can turn the machine back around, fill the reservoir with cold water, gently squeeze the membrane twice from underneath and start cleaning by pressing the button twice.

Here’s a video tutorial just in case:

Charging the coffee machine and battery status indicator

Charging the coffee machine depends mainly on the power supply, as it is not included. Poor quality adapters and cables can lead to the coffee machine not charging at all, so ideally you should buy a separate power supply and carry it with you. You should properly use a 5V/3A USB-C wall charger.

If you use a power supply with less than 10W, the coffee machine will not charge at all.

Unfortunately, the coffee maker does not work when it is charging. It does work, but it must have at least 50% battery charge. That betrayed me when I was making coffee for our team at nanoSPACE. If you plan to use the machine more than once in a short period of time, I recommend using hot water, as you will make a lot more coffee that way.

Battery status indicators

The coffee maker has an LED battery indicator, four LEDs in total. When all the lights are on, it’s fully charged. You can check the battery status at the touch of a button. If it flashes and beeps twice, the battery is already very low. She can still handle a few cups of hot water, though. 😊 The biggest eater is heating.

Error messages

The coffee maker only has the aforementioned four LEDs, beeps and one button. And in these ways, it tells you everything. So I copied the table from the manual just in case, because I don’t remember what all the different states mean 😁

SituationLights and beepsSolution
Low battery2x flashes 1x beepFully recharged
Battery overheat protection2x flashes 2x beepsWait 5 minutes
Empty container heating protection2x flashes 3x beepsRefill water
Short circuit protectionAlternating flashingContact Support
Error messages of the Outin Nano coffee machine

10% discount for my readers

I arranged a permanent 10% discount directly with the manufacturer permanent 10% discount. Just enter the coupon in the cart or click through this link.

Outin Nano is also available in the Czech Republic

Don’t want to order a coffee machine from abroad? Use Heureka, where you can find all sellers. But it will be cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer with a coupon 😊


Can the Outin Nano overheat?

Yes, he can. In my experience, by the fourth extraction with the water heating up, it can overheat and then need five minutes at rest before it starts working again.

What if the Outin Nano stops leaking water?

Use cleaning mode. Remove the filter, turn the machine upside down and fill the opening with water. Start the coffee machine by pressing the button twice.

What capsules will fit in the Outin Nano?

Any capsule the size of an original Nespresso capsule. Alternatively, an adapter and freshly ground coffee can be used.

How big is the Outin Nano coffee maker?

The coffee maker is the size of a regular thermos. It measures 23cm in height, 7cm in width and weighs 670g.

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  1. Can you use it to heat water without any coffee pod or ground coffee inside? Would be useful to make tea or other drinks on the go too

    • Yes you can, although I think other products would be more suitable for heating water that would consume less energy.


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