Ore Mountains Czechia: 14 Tips for Trips

The Ore Mountains, formerly known as the Rudohori Mountains, are an ideal place for families with children, cyclists and young and older couples. You will be surprised by the number of cycle paths, hiking tours, rich history and couples of all types will appreciate the spa. For children, there is a rope adventure centre or an aquapark at an affordable price. Many of you will be pleased to know that there are still many places in the Erzgebirge that are neglected by tourists, so you can enjoy them almost on your own.

Where to stay in the Ore Mountains

If you prefer less touristy places, a great starting point is the quiet town of Jáchymov. Among the best accommodation in the Ore Mountains are the four-star Honour and Grace Hotel, the Jezirko Pension and the Albreit Apartment.

Far more romantic, but also more visited, is God’s gift, or “Bozak” as the locals call it. We also stayed here, in the Jurica Apartments, where you can also arrange half board in the local restaurant Radniční sklípek.

Apartments Jurica
Apartments Jurica

Tips for the most beautiful places in the Ore Mountains

In order to have a full experience of the Ore Mountains, we recommend you go for at least one walk in the local countryside, look at the highest mountain Klínovec or Plešivec, climb a lookout tower and spend a day at the spa.

But there is much more to see here and we believe you will love it and come back regularly.

Map of interesting places in the Ore Mountains
Map of interesting places in the Ore Mountains


The highest mountain of the Ore Mountains is Klínovec with its 1244 m above sea level. Parking is free at Klínovec.

God’s Prospect

The modern lookout tower in the shape of a matchbox is located at the upper end station of the ski lift behind the Prague Hotel directly above the town of Boží Dar. The building opened only in 2020 and was built according to the project of architect Jan Mach from the Liberec company Mjölk, s.r.o. The view is truly divine, as Lukáš would say, and we recommend it to everyone for a visit. You can walk here from the center of God’s Gift or park a few steps from the viewpoint.

God's perspective - God's gift
God’s perspective – God’s gift

Božídara peat bog

You should not miss the short and beautiful walk through the national nature reserve Božídarské peat bog. The walk is on a flat path and there are beautiful sunsets in summer. On the route of the Božídar Peat Bog Nature Trail you will find 12 information boards from which you can learn interesting facts about the peat bog and the history of peat mining in the Erzgebirge.

Božídara peat bog
Božídara peat bog

The bald man

You may know the Plešivec area from winter skiing, but it is worth visiting in summer as well. There is a beautiful view of the surroundings and a nice restaurant Na nebi.

Mount Plešivec
Mount Plešivec

Mythical Erzgebirge Trail

At the Plešivec Ski Resort, the Mythical Ore Mountains Trail (the Trail of Ore Mountain Legends) begins, which is especially suitable for families with children, with a nice photogenic view at the end of the trail. Along the way you will meet a number of wooden statues where you can read mythical stories.

The trail of Erzgebirge legends
The trail of Erzgebirge legends

Rope adrenaline centre Plešivec

If you like adrenaline, you probably won’t want to miss the local rope adventure centre. In addition to the rope trail, you can also try a free fall jump from 13 metres or a giant swing or a banjee with a safety harness. For children, there is a children’s rope centre.


At first glance, Jáchymov may not catch your eye, but just climb one of the adjacent hills and you will find that the town has its own charm. In the city, we recommend the restaurant U vodopádů and for something good, head to Incognito Coffee.

View of Jáchymov from the Jáchymov Hell nature trail

The Jáchymov Hell Nature Trail

Those who feel like a longer walk can follow the yellow trail to the Jáchymov Hell nature trail, which starts in front of the Church of St. Jáchym and is 8.5 km long. It leads through the beautiful Erzgebirge countryside and recalls the sad history of Jáchymov.

You will learn not only about the local flora, but especially about the lives of thousands of political prisoners from the nearby uranium mine labour camps.

Map of the Jáchymov Hell Trail
Map of the Jáchymov Hell Trail

Royal Mint Jáchymov

If it is raining or you want to take shelter from the heat, be sure to visit the Royal Mint in Jáchymov. The current museum exhibition called Jáchymov in the Mirror of Time has a total of 15 halls and will guide you through the geology and mineralogy of the Ore Mountains, archaeological findings from the Royal Mint, ore mining 16. century, numismatics and coinage. The mint also has an exhibition mapping the labour camps in the Jáchymov region after 1948.

The Royal Mint building in Jáchymov
Royal Mint

Aquacentrum Agricola in Jáchymov

The local Agricola Aquacentre is a fun place for adults and children alike. The swimming pool hall includes 2 swimming lanes with a length of 25 m, a water slide and a whirlpool. We recommend to buy an entrance to the Sauna Mine.

Sauna Mine

One of the most pleasant sauna centres that Lukas and I visited. Here you will find a steam sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and our popular herbal sauna. The sauna mine also includes a very pleasant relaxation room. The sauna mine belongs to the Aquacentrum Agricola.

Adit no. 1 in Jáchymov

You can take a very interesting tour in adit no. 1 , which is 250 m long and has been accessible since 2008. It was dug in the 50s. years 20. century and today you can see it with a guide who will introduce you to mining in Jáchymov, show you what the veins of some minerals look like and introduce the techniques of the original mining.

Mauritius Mine

I never want to go down, and then I get a helmet and a raincoat and I’m thrilled. I recommend you visit the mine, even if you may have some doubts. The Mauritius mine has been mined for 400 years and on the tour you will learn about the unimaginably arduous and dangerous work the miners did during the mining process. The mine is open from May to September. Bats hibernate here in winter.

The Mauritius Mine near Horní Blatná in the Ore Mountains
Mauritius Mine

Nature trail Horní Blatná – Wolf pits

A short trail around the natural monument of the Wolf Pit, which consists of the eponymous Wolf Pit and the Ice Pit. Both pits were formed by mining activity, the Wolf Pit by the collapse of the Wolfgang Mine and the Ice Pit by the collapse of the Jiří Mine. It is one of the most photogenic places in the area. The route also leads over Blatenský vrch, where the lookout tower stands.

View of the Wolf Pits in the Ore Mountains from the upper lookout point
Wolf pits
View of the tower on Blatná Hill
Blatenský vrch

Lake Most Lake

Lake Most pod Hněvínem was created relatively recently (2020), but it has already found its loyal community . It is the second largest lake in the Czech Republic, the flooded area is more than 300 hectares.

There is a 9-kilometre walking circuit around the lake, the lake has terraced pebble beaches and there are also dog beaches. Don’t miss the lake. 🙂

mostecke jezero

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