What to do in Mikulov: Tips for Your Vacation

I visited Mikulov for the first time less than a year and a half ago. And it was love at first sight. Since then I have been returning to Mikulov whenever possible. Since you’ve noticed and often write to me for tips on what to do in Mikulov, I put together this article with the places that have stuck in my heart. If you don’t find your favourites here, write them in the comments, and at the same time excuse me – there are hundreds of beautiful places in Pálava and it is impossible to fit them into one article. In this article you will find the places you should see in Mikulov, the cafes you should visit and the buildings you must visit.

Why I fell in love with Mikulov and Pálava

There are many places in the Czech Republic that are truly beautiful, but Pálava has its own specific charm. Here you will find beautiful and varied nature, white rocks, vineyards, water areas and in spring a flood of pink flowers. There is more sun here, ancient oaks decorate the bank of the blind arm of the Dyje River and in the Milovnice Forest you will find warm-loving oak forests, which do not grow outside South Moravia in the Czech Republic. Every time I come here, I feel that I am in my beloved Italy. Time passes more slowly here and you don’t have to be ashamed of the wine for breakfast.

Map of Mikulov

In the map you will find all the places you will read about in the article, i.e.:

  • Must-see places in Mikulov
  • Must-visit cafés
  • Restaurants where to go in Mikulov
  • Best accommodation in Mikulov
  • Attractions

Things to do in Mikulov and surroundings

Most people come to Mikulov for good wine. However, it was probably grown here in the 2nd century. century. And thanks to the terrifying warming, Moravian wines are gaining in quality every year. But if you are not a fan of wine, or you can’t drink, Mikulov is still a great place for trips.

1) Holy Hill Mikulov

Svatý Kopeček Mikulov

When I asked Lukas if we were going “to the hill”, he thought we were going for ice cream. After finding out what he had actually agreed to, he was slightly disappointed. But not for long.

Svatý kopeček is a beautiful cross path that ends with a panoramic view of the whole Mikulov. I visit Svatý Kopeček every time I visit.

Not only does it make you feel better when you go there right after lunch or dinner, but it’s also great to think and, most importantly, to see this beautiful city from above.

This Stations of the Cross are among the oldest in the Czech lands and include a total of 17 buildings: 14 Stations of the Cross chapels, the Chapel of St. Sebastian and the Bell Tower and Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre. The Stations of the Cross were built by the owner of the Mikulov estate, Bishop of Olomouc and Cardinal František of Dietrichstein, as an expression of gratitude to God for overcoming the plague epidemic in 1622.

2) Mikulov Castle

Mikulov Castle

The former Liechtenstein and later Dietrichstein castle stands on a prominent cliff and is the main dominant feature of Mikulov. It acquired its present form in 1719 after a fire, and unfortunately it was not the last one. In 1945, during the retreat of the German army, it burnt down again and in the 50s it was rebuilt. years, it had to undergo a demanding reconstruction.

You can visit the castle on three tours. One will take you through the history of the castle, the second will take you to the castle library, and if you choose the third, you will be guided through the castle cellar with a giant barrel and learn all about the history of wine.

Opening hours of the castle in Mikulov

Moon Days of the week Opening hours
December, January, February, March closed closed
April, October, November Fri-Sun 9:00-16:00
May, June, September Tue-Sun 9:00-17:00
July, August Mon-Sun 9:00-18:00

Tour circuits and prices

  • A – History / full admission 120 CZK, reduced 60 CZK, family 260 CZK
  • B – Chateau Library / full admission 60 CZK, reduced admission 30 CZK, family admission 140 CZK
  • C – Chateau cellar with a giant barrel / full admission 60 CZK, reduced 30 CZK, family 140 CZK

3) View from the tower – St. Wenceslas Church

View from the church in Mikulov

New in 2019 is the opening of the tower of the Church of St. Wenceslas Square, from where you have a view of the square, the castle and the rooftops of the historic town. The only shame is that the whole view is fenced off, so you have to look and take pictures through the cracks.

4) Dietrichstein Tomb

The flames also accompany the history of the Dietrichstein tomb, which used to be a church but burned down in 1784. The church was converted into a tomb and today it contains 45 coffins and 3 urns with the remains of the Dietrichstein family. Interestingly, the founder of the tomb, Prince Franz Josef Dietrichstein, is buried in Vienna and only his heart was placed in the tomb. After the reconstruction, part of the space is also used as a gallery.

Opening hours of the Dietrichstein Tombs

Moon Days of the week Opening hours
April, May, June, September, October Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00
July, August Mon-Sun 9:00-18:00
November, March reservations only from 10 persons

Admission to the Dietrichstein Tomb

  • full 70 CZK, reduced 50 CZK, family 190 CZK
  • evening tours – full 100 CZK, reduced 50 CZK, family 250 CZK
  • admission November-March: full 100 CZK, reduced 50 CZK, family 250 CZK

5) Goat Castle


Which view of Mikulov is the most beautiful? You will have to decide for yourself, but the one from Kozího hrádek will probably be one of the best. Kozí hrádek is one of the three rocky landmarks of Mikulov and originally it was a two-storey artillery tower with a gallery, which served to defend the castle.

6) Quarry at Mariánský vrch – Na Janičově vrchu

Lom near Mikulov

Where to go swimming in Mikulov? If you don’t mind not being alone, try this flooded limestone quarry. Unfortunately, it is very popular, but once you reach it, you will understand why. A little Czech Croatia.

7) Winery U Kapličky

Winery at the Chapel
Winery U Kapličky

For great wine and good food overlooking the Pálava Mountains, head to Zaječí to the U Kapličky winery. I recommend to stay here, they have a swimming pool with a panoramic view of the Pálava, wellness and pleasant rooms. There are often wine tastings, and even discos (honestly, that one kind of freaked us out 🙂 ). It is a family winery, which was founded in 2005 and is focused on the production of quality wines from grapes grown in their own vineyards, their quality is confirmed by a number of awards that they regularly receive.

8) Cafe Fara

Cafe Fara
Cafe Fara

In addition to great coffee, this stylish café in Klentnice offers strongly modernized traditional Czech cuisine and accommodation in a wooden guesthouse built on the site of the original pigsties. The café and bistro is located in the original rectory, which has been restored in a thoroughly historic manner, including the original facade.

If you’re looking for a place to spend the weekend on warm days, be sure to check out
Cafe Fara
check it out. The guest house also has a stunning swimming pool, which has a stylish relaxation area.

9) Lavender Farm of the Old Woman

Lavender field near Mikulov

Have you always wanted to go to Provence so you can walk through a lavender field? Then you don’t have to go to France. Exactly such a field is located not far from Mikulov in Starovičky. Beware, lavender grows in June and July, so enjoy your visit
to the lavender field
plan. In Starovičky, you buy an entrance in their shop, and then they direct you to the field. You can also buy a variety of lavender products in the shop, from soap to lavender coffee. For lavender lovers, this is paradise.

10) Orphanage

Orphan's Castle
Orphan’s Castle

Orphan’s Castle is a ruin of a Gothic castle that you can visit at any time of the year. If you are not in the mood for a longer hike, a short trail leads directly from the village Klentnice. However, if you would like to take a longer walk, you can walk here from Mikulov and then continue to Děvičky.

Cycling routes in the vicinity of Mikulov: Cycling from Mikulov to Hraniční zámek

South Moravia is mainly flat, and so the surroundings encourage cycling trips. From Mikulov you can go, for example, via Sedlec to Hlohovec to Hraniční zámek. This route is 24 km long and is suitable for families with children. For more information please find Here. More cycling routes can be found in the tab
On the bike
on the Mikulov website.

Where to eat in Mikulov – Restaurant Mikulov

Bistro Kuk
Bistro Kuk

There are many excellent places in Mikulov, but I liked especially Sojka, which I have to visit every time we visit. Modern fresh cuisine where you can go with your vegetarian and vegan friends and everyone will have a great meal.

Another great restaurant is the elegant bistro
, but if you want to celebrate an anniversary or for a more festive dinner, you can check out Marcel Ihnacak’s restaurant in
Boutique Hotel Tanzberg

Where to go for breakfast and coffee in Mikulov

The first day we always head to
Bistro Kuk
where they have several kinds of freshly baked bread and sweet pastries. However, they offer a variety of more and less healthy dishes to start your day with.

If you’re looking for eggs for breakfast, head to Bistro Kafé – Like Home. If you love pancakes, be sure to head to Kafe Pala, where they have a selection of sweet and savoury pancakes, and excellent coffee is a must!

Accommodation Mikulov

Your first visit to Mikulov should include stylish accommodation. But if you’re looking for something cheaper, look for example at
Guesthouse Slavia
, hostel
Pension na Náměstí
. You can also camp near Mikulov, the cheapest camp is Camp Pálava, where there is a simple restaurant and mostly clean showers. If you pay a little extra, you can go camping in the Mars camping site, which is near the Nové Mlýny water reservoir, where there is also a sandy beach. You can also rent water sports equipment here.

Experience accommodation Mikulov

Apartments Antico

Apartments Antico
Apartments Antico

If I were to recommend only one accommodation in Mikulov – without hesitation – try Apartments Antico. If you’re not afraid of gothic and a bit of a shot owner, go ahead and pick a basement apartment! Accommodation in the 800-year-old gothic cellar left perhaps the biggest impression on Lukáš and me from the whole Mikulov.

This apartment is experiential, and as its owner Petr says: “(…) it does not meet the current commercial concept, everything is crooked, worn and trampled, of course with 21st century elements.” These gothic apartments are located in a renovated Renaissance house from the 17th century. and they’re the best in the whole city. And I hate the Gothic.



For those who don’t like gothic, and would prefer something more moderate, there is the Štajnhaus guesthouse, which must satisfy every Prague hipster. The Instagram apartments have a modern minimalist feel that respects the character of the historic building.

Hotel Galant

This hotel is especially famous for its spa, which is located on the rooftop. In addition to a rooftop hot tub and swimming pool, it also has its own wine cellar and a small brewery. Unfortunately, every time we wanted to go, it was sold out. Maybe next time.

Important links for visitors to Mikulov

Current weather in Mikulov

MIKULOV Current weather

Frequently asked questions

Where to stay in Mikulov?

For cheaper accommodation we recommend Guesthouse Slavia. Hipsters will love the Steinhaus and history lovers will love the Antico Apartments.

Where to go in Pálava for wine?

Excellent wine, equally good food and beautiful views can be found at the Vinařství u Kapličky or Václav Winery.

Where to eat in Mikulov?

For delicious food, go to Sojka or the Drogérka restaurant. For coffee, visit the Kuk bistro.

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