The 16 Best Hot Springs in Iceland That You Must Visit

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Heading to Iceland and planning to visit the most magical hot pots? Gábi in Wanderland has spent two wonderful weeks in Iceland and picked the most beautiful ones for you.

When you say Iceland, many people think of raw nature, endless waterfalls, whales, Icelandic ponies, the Northern Lights… I associate Iceland with hot pots – hot lakes, pools, whether naturally created or man-made.

That feeling when it ‘s freezing outside, youfinally take off your swimsuit (or even without it) with great effortand then you get into a hot bath right in the middle of nature, undisturbed by anyone, and you just feel your body gradually warming up, your head turning off and suddenly you find yourself in paradise. The silence all around, the smell (yes, I smell the thermal waters) of the thermal vapours, God, it’s so great, I’ll tell you!

What is their temperature?

But now for the facts, because you’re probably wondering where the best ones are, how to get them, how much they cost and if they’re really that warm.

Water temperature: yes, hot pots in Iceland are indeed warm, but it’s hard to define what a comfortable water temperature is. For example, where I felt like I was in heaven, my husband felt like he got burnt and, on the contrary, where he was comfortable with the water, I could tolerate a bit warmer. But they are warm, just some more, some less. Average around 35°C-40°C.

How much do hot pots cost?

Basic rules for swimming in hot pots: most hot pots in Iceland are free. Therefore, it would be fair if everyone treated them in such a way that they remain free – that is:

Some of the hotspots are on private property

If the hotpot is on private property and it is possible to contact the landowner, always do so and ask if it is okay to bathe in it (you will not get a negative answer)

Basic rules for swimming in hot pots

  • Keep clean and do not use any shower gels, soaps or other chemical products.
  • Always take all your rubbish away and dispose of it in the bin.
  • Be aware that swimming in hot pots is at your own risk and before you get in one, make sure it’s not too hot so you don’t burn yourself.
  • If there is a voluntary donation box in place, it is for the upkeep of the hot pot and not for the profit of its owner. Every little bit of money counts.
  • Always park in parking spaces and do not drive off the marked road.
  • Be considerate and treat nature with respect.

And there you have it, a list of the best hot pot, along with a link to the Instagram accounts where you can be inspired by more photos from Iceland.

1) Hellulaug

  • GPS coordinates: +65° 35′ 16.67″, -23° 8′ 29.32″
  • Temperature: 38°C


2 – Snorralaug

  • GPS coordinates: 64°39’50.4″N 21°17’28.3″W
  • Temperature: 38°C


3) Hrunalaug

  • GPS coordinates: 64°07’57.9″N 20°15’18.1″W
  • Depth: 60-80 cm
  • Temperature: 35°C


4) Secret Lagoon

  • GPS coordinates: 64°08’14.7″N 20°18’33.6″W
  • Temperature: 38-40°C


5) Blue Lagoon

  • GPS coordinates: 63°52’48.2″N 22°26’58.2″W
  • Temperature: 38-44°C


6) Seljavellir

  • GPS coordinates: N63°33.664 W19°37.131
  • Temperature: 34-35°C


7) Hoffell

  • GPS coordinates: 64°23’33.3″N 15°20’38.9″W
  • Temperature: 39°C


8) Laugarfell

  • GPS coordinates: N64º53.102 W15º21.150
  • Temperature: 34°C


9) Laugarvallardalur

  • GPS coordinates: +65° 1′ 46.70″, -15° 57′ 30.51″
  • Temperature: 36°C


10) Grettislaug

  • GPS coordinates: N65º52.934 W19º44.171
  • Temperature: 42-43°C


11) Drangsnes Hot Tubs

  • GPS coordinates: 65°41’19.5″N 21°27’14.1″W
  • Temperature: 40°C


12) Myvatn Nature Baths

  • GPS coordinates: 65°37’51.8″N 16°50’53.4″W
  • Temperature: 40°C


13) Hörgshlídarlaug

  • GPS coordinates: N65°49.861 W22°37.733
  • Temperature: 40°C


14) Grafarlaug

  • GPS coordinates: N64°57.652 W21°30.986
  • Temperature: 26°C


15) Landbrotalaug

  • GPS coordinates: N64°49.933 W22°19.110
  • Temperature: 44°C


16) Hvalfjardarlaug

  • GPS coordinates: +64° 22′ 25.21″, -21° 33′ 50.02″
  • Temperature: 44°C


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