18 Tips For Email Marketing: How To Make Millions

Although email marketing is not as sexy and trendy as, for example Influencer marketing , it still proves to be one of the most stable and profitable tools that any business or brand should invest in.

Why? Email is one of the best and cheapest ways to communicate with your customers. Looking at our client statistics, email marketing has long been the most effective remarketing tool, costing the company only our time and earning clients millions per month.

email marketing made simple

A marketing channel for a few thousand that makes millions

For our clients, email marketing accounts for 15-30% of their total turnover. It is no exception that in an e-shop with 40,000 active customers, we can achieve tens of millions of CZK in turnover through mailing. It all depends on the number of customers (e-mailing is mainly a remarketing tool) and the segment of products the e-shop offers.

The big advantage over PPC ads, product comparators or social media ads is that the financial investment in functional emailing is negligible compared to the revenue generated.

💡 We have the best experience with the Czech tool Ecomail which is quite affordable. You pay only for the number of active contacts, in the case of a 30,000 database it comes out to 3,750 CZK per month, without limitation on the number of sent emails.

Whereas with PPC and other ads you have to pay for the specialist’s time and the cost of the ad, with e-mail marketing you only pay for the specialist’s time and any marketing promotions, such as a 100 CZK discount on the first purchase. This means that Email marketing, which can earn you several million a month, can cost you only a few thousand crowns.

vysledky ecomail
For our clients, email marketing makes up to 15-30% of the total profit

How to do effective email marketing

Now we’ll look at the tips and tricks that can make your email marketing the most profitable sales channel for your online store, business or brand.

1) Properly selected email sending tool

Using the right tool for sending emails is absolutely key. You should choose a tool that can be well connected with your e-shop, Facebook but also Google Analytics. Without a good connection to your e-shop you won’t be able to create the most important mail campaign, the abandoned cart. Without proper measurement, you can’t evaluate whether your campaigns are effective.

The tool should be able to A/B test both subject and content and create automated campaigns. We’ve tried a number of tools, such as Mailchimp and Active Campaign, but in the end we’re moving all our clients to Ecomail.

If you’re hesitant to make the switch, go for it, you won’t regret it. We also consider it a great advantage that Ecomail is Czech and therefore has available technical support during working hours.

2) Actively collect contacts in accordance with the law

The most important thing is to collect new contacts and the most effective way is to contact for a discount (for example, a discount of 100 CZK on the first purchase) or for downloading the so-called. magnet. A magnet can be a PDF with a cookbook, for example, or a guide to building a home hydroponics system.

Of course, you also collect contacts when you place orders in the e-shop, but the buyer must agree to receive marketing communications.

There are also more sophisticated ways of collecting emails that can bring you more relevant leads. For example, if you sell things for the garden, you can entice people to sign up for a multi-week email course on gardening, growing vegetables, propagating houseplants, etc. If you sell marketing courses, you can offer an email course on Facebook advertising.

vydelavej na internetu

3) Set up your most important automation – abandoned cart

The basic automation is an abandoned cart. We recommend setting it up directly in Ecomail or in another emailing tool, rather than directly in the e-shop (Shoptet can do this, for example). Abandoned basket set up in Ecomail has saved us more than 1100 orders for one client in one year.

4) Send newsletters regularly, but don’t overwhelm

Only send newsletters when you have something to say and never overwhelm your contacts. What should you write to people? You should definitely not forget to send news, monthly promotions or weekly discounts if you run them on your e-shop. Send newsletters in accordance with your content strategy .

5) Only send people content that interests them

Create automations with content that specific people are interested in. Segment your people based on their interests and behaviour on your e-commerce site so that you only send them content that they might be interested in.

For example, don’t forget to automatically send a reminder to customers when it’s time to get spare parts for a device they’ve purchased. If you are selling more complex products, please remember to send instructions by email.

If they buy garden tools or seeds from you, send them tips on what to plant when. Do they buy cosmetics? Create emails with tips on how to take care of your skin.

6) Create meaningful automations and update them according to results

The biggest power in email marketing is in the automations because you only set them up once. Then you just edit them according to how people react to them. You can do automations on people who buy products for bodybuilders, for yogis or for coffee lovers, depending on what e-shop or website you run.

If you create interesting content, people will not only read it, but they will also build a better relationship with your brand and are more likely to purchase the products you recommend in the email.

Automation is extremely easy to create in Ecomail

7) Use verbs or action words in the subject

The subject should be strong enough to attract attention. Thus, it is recommended to use verbs that evoke emotion or action, such as “buy”, “end”, “don’t miss”, “won’t” and “congratulations”. Action words such as “today only”, “discount” and ” important also work .

8) Try emoticons 😍

Although many email marketing experts try to avoid emoticons because they can reduce deliverability, they can increase open rates by up to 57%. It is therefore a good idea to experiment with emoticons in the A/B test, but always test the version with emoticons and the version without to see how much it changes deliverability and open rate.

9) Experiment with numbers and statistics

People love statistics and numbers. So put numbers and statistics in the subject line whenever you can.

  • 25% discount today only.
  • 90% of people love this coffee.

10) Try to arouse people’s curiosity

People are naturally curious and you can take great advantage of this in email marketing. Just lure them in and don’t give away the point in the introductory text, for example:

  • “Reproducing a monster is easier than you thought.”
  • “You probably didn’t know that about poodles.”
  • “Danger to children lurking in your home”.

11) Use preview text

Most email clients display not only the subject, but also the so-called. “preview text” or preview text. If you are using Ecomail, it is very easy to edit this text to add information to the object. So don’t forget to make the most of it.

Example of using preview text

12) Don’t forget the CTA – call to action button

There should always be at least one call-to-action button(buy, download, read) in the email. Buttons should be red. Don’t experiment, red works best according to all studies. Use the red buttons on banners and in emails. They work better. Period.

When we have a brandbook developed for clients, we always want to develop a red one to use for CTA buttons and actions. The red one simply attracts people the most, and those who don’t have it lose out.

13) Write simply and clearly – good copy is essential

Proper copy is essential, sell with a story or a joke, but be clear, understandable and concise. People are not supposed to read long texts. Therefore, at the beginning, in the first paragraph, say the most important thing. Write texts in accordance with your Tone of Voice .

14) Personalise your content

Refer to people by the first name under which they registered for your e-shop. This can be done very easily in Ecomail , but also with other email marketing tool providers. Send different offers to men and women. Create mailings based on what they click on and what they buy from your e-shop.

15) Test your email subject line and content

A/B testing is extremely important when creating an email. Try different verbs or test the use of emoticons in the subject. Never send an email without testing the subject line or another content option.

ab test
Example of what testing looks like in Ecomail

16) Control what you send

One of the biggest mistakes is sending an email without first checking how it looks on both desktop and phone. Check the functionality of links, loading images and other elements, and formatting.

test jak to vypada
Use test emails before sending out crisply

17) Set up reactivation campaigns

Set up a reactivation campaign for customers who haven’t purchased in a long time. Haven’t they bought from you in six months or a year? Send them a discount automatically.

18) Lubricate dead contacts

Haven’t purchased from you in a year, haven’t clicked or opened any emails, and haven’t responded to your reactivation campaign? Delete them. There’s no point in paying for a contact (you pay email marketing tools by the number of contacts or emails sent) who doesn’t respond. Seriously, don’t worry about it and don’t spend more than you have to.

Need help with email marketing?

Contact us . Although we cannot guarantee that we will have the space to take you on as a new client, we are always happy to find time for a consultation. We’ll be happy to review your current emailing and suggest automations or ways to collect new leads.

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