12 Tips For a Seaside Holiday In Albania

If you want a luxury holiday with beautiful beaches and turquoise sea, you have to go to Albania . We drove through Albania by bike with a tent on the roof and it’s a beautiful country full of contrasts. If you know where to go, Albania offers exotic sandy beaches with warm, clear water and budget accommodation. So let’s take a look at where to go for a seaside holiday in Albania.

Where to go on holiday to the sea in Albania
Where to go on holiday to the sea in Albania

Obsah článku

When to go to Albania: Weather

MoonSea temperature in Albania (°C)Air temperature (°C)

The ideal months for swimming are June, July, August or September. It is coldest in the winter months of January and February, when the water temperature is between 10-15 °C and the air temperature between 5-10 °C. The hottest period is of course summer, specifically July and August, when the water temperature is between 27-32 °C and the air temperature between 22-27 °C.

How to travel to Albania without a travel agency?

You can travel to Albania by car, fly to Tirana or fly to Corfu and then take a ferry to Albania.

Travelling by car to Albania – what you should know

At the border, they’ll ask you for a small technical licence. An international driving licence is not strictly required, but you should carry it with you.

To Albania by air

It can be a long drive, so the easiest way to get there is to fly from Prague to Rinas Mother Teresa International Airport, 20 km from Tirana. There you can rent a car through RentalCars.

If you’re going to Ksamil, the easiest way is to fly to Corfu and then take a boat to Sarande, from where you can easily reach Ksamil (it’s 14 km).

Learn how to get cheap flights.

Where to rent a car in Albania?

If you are flying to Albania, use RentalCars to rent a car at the airport, we have never had any problems with them and we have rented cars with RentalCars all over the world.

Where to go on holiday to the sea in Albania? The most popular is Ksamil, where they say it looks like the Maldives
Where to go on holiday to the sea in Albania? The most popular is Ksamil, where they say it looks like the Maldives

Albania holidays: where are the most beautiful beaches?

Albania offers more than 300 km of beautiful sandy beaches. The most beautiful ones can be found in the south of Albania around Dhermi, Vlore and Ksamil. Ksamil is the most popular on the Instagram and TikTok, because the water is a bit like the Maldives.

However, not everyone may like the environment of Ksamil, so let’s take a closer look at the individual resorts where to go for a seaside holiday in Albania. The beaches are listed in order from north to south.

Where is the most common place to go to the sea in Albania?

The most popular resorts are listed below

  • Drac (Durres) – luxury accommodation in Villa One Beach Hotel .
  • Vlora (Vlára or also Valona) – accommodation Ames Hotel & SPA .
  • Himara (Himare) – accommodation Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment .
  • Ksamil – Apartment Erjon or Villa Melina .

Where is the Albanian Riviera?

The Albanian Riviera, known among Albanians as Bregu, is a stretch of coastline along the northeastern Ionian Sea that begins at Vlore and continues through Sarande in southwestern Albania to Butrint National Park on the border with Greece. The Albanian Riviera is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. The unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera is Sarande.

12 tips for a seaside holiday in Albania

Let’s take a look at the most popular resorts and the most beautiful beaches in Albania. We’ll give you tips on where to go if you want a little more peace and quiet.

Resort Durres – Dragon Albania

The nearest popular beaches are around Durres (Drač in Czech), but we don’t recommend them too much. Although there are already a number of pleasant accommodations and campsites and the beaches are sandy, you won’t find the white sand and turquoise beaches of southern Albania. The Dragon is also much dirtier, more messy and overall most travelers regret not going straight south.

If you still want to go to Draco, you can choose luxury accommodation in Vila One Beach Hotel.

Camping near Durres in Albania
Camping near Durres in Albania

Vlora Albania – beaches

Vlora (Vlára or Valona) is a dynamically growing port town that increasingly resembles Croatia . If you come by car from the north, you will quickly notice that it is more orderly than in Durres.

New businesses, hotels and apartments are springing up. It is very easy to find accommodation at a great price near the sea. It is recommended to focus on hotels and apartments with private beaches, as public beaches tend to be crowded.

Where to stay: If you’re lucky, you’ll find accommodation at the Ames Hotel & SPA.

Vlora beach, Albania

Drymades Beach

200 km southeast of the capital Tirana, Vlora has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Albania. The sand is coarser, but the water is turquoise, it is quiet and there are fewer tourists than on other beaches in Albania. Like everywhere else in Albania, there’s a lot of construction going on, but you can’t avoid it.

In a few years, this area will probably be one of the most luxurious, if only because similar luxury hotels and businesses are being built here as they are today in Tulum, Mexico.

Where to stay: By the beach you will also find a wonderful restaurant with the Summer Dream Hotel, where you can check in right away and enjoy a very peaceful holiday.

Drymades beach - the most beautiful beach in Albania
Drymades Beach

Dhermiu beach in Dhërmi

Dhërmiu beach is considered another pearl in Albania because of its crystal clear water and beautiful sun-drenched beaches. Located just outside the village of Dhërmi in southern Albania. Many travelers consider the area around this beach to be paradise on earth. Administratively it belongs to the Vlora district.

Gjipe beach

Don’t you like tourist places? Gjipe Beach, located 65 km south of Vlore between Drymades and Himarë, is a remote, quiet beach that only the most passionate travellers with a proper car can get to. The dirt road is a bit rougher and you’ll need four-wheel drive. Administratively it belongs to the Vlora district.

Resort Himare

Himare is located between Sarande and Vlora, and is the second largest city on the Albanian Riviera after Sarande. It used to be one of the less bustling resorts, but nowadays there is a lot of construction and those who are bothered by the tourism in Ksamil are fleeing here.

Himaru is surrounded by beautiful green hills and behind them rise rocky mountains. The beaches are long, the water is clear and turquoise, and it’s really cheap compared to other destinations.

Where to stay: If you’re lucky, the Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment may be available

Livadhi beach (Himarë resort)

In Himarë you will find the large Livadhi beach, which is one of the most beautiful and best rated in the whole area, but it is also quite crowded in the afternoon and parking is difficult. It’ s therefore a good idea to get here early if you’re staying in the centre of Himarë (for example, at the Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment). It would take almost an hour to walk here.

Beaches in Himara, Albania
Beaches in Himara, Albania

Sfageio beach (in Himarë)

Sfageio beach is a smaller sandy beach that you can find right in Himarë. It’s popular with tourists and locals alike, and there are a number of restaurants and cafes where you can take a break from the sun after swimming. If you spend your holidays in Himarë, don’t forget to come here for the sunset. Where to stay? If available, the Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment is also suitable for this location.

Llamani beach

One of the most luxurious private beaches with free parking and a beautiful beach bar is Llamani Beach. You’ll find it about 10 minutes by car from Himarë and be prepared that although you won’t pay for parking, you’ll have to buy a sun lounger and umbrella (like everywhere).

If you want to spend the whole day on the beach and want a bit more peace and quiet, Llamani beach is probably the place to go.

Where to stay? If you’re lucky enough to be free, the best rated is Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment.

Llamani beach in Albania
Llamani beach in Albania

Borsh resort and beach

Our favourite beach in the whole of Albania is Borsh beach, which is popular with those who want to go somewhere away from the touristy places. It is also popular among vanlifers with a campervan, as you can camp here for free. If you take a spot near the river, you can rinse off in the evening.

The beach is really big, so it’s up to you whether you pay for a bed or a sun lounger or throw your own blanket on the ground and stick your umbrella in. Everyone will find a piece of their own little paradise here.

Where to stay: Guest House Luiza

Borsh beach in Albania
Borsh beach in Albania

The resort and town of Sarande: Local beaches

The Albanian port city of Sarande is also a great summer holiday destination. You can find it in the south of Albania a short distance from the northern Greek border and almost opposite the island of Corfu. As a result, it is often reached by ferry from Corfu.

Although Sarande is close to Greece, it still has a great Albanian character. The town is situated in a bay with sandy beaches overlooking the silhouette of the island of Corfu. At the southern tip of the town the view is more open to the open sea and is therefore popular for sunsets. Beaches stretch all along the town’s coastline.

Most of the hotels and apartments are close to the sea. If you go on holiday to Sarande, don’t miss a trip to the nearby ancient UNESCO site of Butrint.

Where to stay: luxury accommodation is at Sea Breeze Villa, but it is usually sold out.

Ksamil: European Maldives

If you saw a turquoise beach with white sand from Albania on social media , it was probably one of the many beaches in Ksamil. Ksamil is considered the best of Albania and can be found south of Sarande. It is probably the most touristic and developing resort of this country.

The main street, where most of the bars and restaurants are, is really lively, but there’s no need to worry. If you don’t run away from the centre after a few minutes of dismay that it’s not quiet, but go in search of a more secluded beach, you’ll find nice and quiet places even in the middle of the season.

We recommend going to Ksamil as soon as possible, because every year more and more tourists come here and prices are skyrocketing.

Where to stay: If you’re lucky, Apartment Erjon or Vila Melina will be available.

Ksamil, Albania
Ksamil, Albania

Map with points of interest on your phone

Save a map of the best places in Albania directly to your phone. After purchase, you will receive a link to a non-public Google Map, which you can save by clicking ”Follow/Follow”. This will copy it to your Google account and display it on all devices where you use Google Maps.

What are the prices in Albania?

In some areas, prices are a third of what they are in Croatia. Down in Ksamil you will pay about 6 euros for a Pizza Margarita, 10 euros for a deck chair for the whole day and 30-100 euros for accommodation in an apartment per night. However, prices vary widely across Albania.

What do you pay with in Albania?

In Albania, payment is in Albanian lek (ALL), but euros are commonly accepted everywhere and preferred in some places.

Security in Albania: What to watch out for

Albania is considered a relatively safe country for travellers. Although there is increased crime in some areas, it is rarely targeted at tourists and seaside resorts are considered safe.

What to watch out for is traffic, because Albanians drive a bit like madmen and you need to be prepared for that. Moreover, in some areas the roads are not in the best condition, although many have been repaired in recent years.

In coastal areas, also beware of tap water, it is often filtered from the sea, not good and often not even drinkable. Therefore, drink bottled water instead.

Albania guide: where to camp?

Campsites are relatively cheap in Albania (camping costs 13-25 euros per night depending on the location, by the sea more like 20-25 euros per night for two), but they are also often quite dirty. In Ksamil, we recommend Ksamil Caravan Camping, which was one of the few with potable water and clean toilets and showers.

How to travel with dogs in Albania?

If you travel like us with dogs, you don’t have to worry at all. Albanians love dogs and they wanted to pet our dogs all the time. Dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches, so they were constantly swimming in the sea and lying with us on sunbeds. The only place we came across a no dogs beach was Ksamil, and this sign was only at a few beaches.

Travelling with dogs in Albania

What to watch out for are wild dogs. They’re mostly tame, but they’re everywhere, especially in campsites. Don’t forget to give the dogs something before the trip for parasites .

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Albania?

The most beautiful beaches are in Ksamil, then around Himare and Vlore.

How much does food cost in Albania?

A meal in the restaurant costs between 6 and 15 euros per person.

How much does accommodation in Albania cost?

Accommodation in Albania costs from 1000 CZK per night in an apartment. It depends on the area you’re going to.

Where in Albania does it look like the Maldives?

Looks like the Maldives in Ksamil.

Do I need a passport for Albania?

Yes, you will need a valid passport or ID card for Albania. The maximum period of visa-free stay in Albania is 90 days.

Do I need a travel visa for Albania?

You don’t need it if your stay is no longer than 90 days.

Do I need vaccinations for Albania?

There is no compulsory vaccination for entry into Albania.

Are there wild dogs in Albania?

Yes, there are wild dogs in Albania, but most of them are not dangerous.

Is the tap water in Albania drinkable?

Tap water in Albania is drinkable only in the mountains, by the sea drink only bottled water.

Is Albania dangerous for travellers?

No, Albania is one of the safe countries for travellers.

Where to go in Albania with children?

Take the kids to Ksamil in Albania, where they have the best services for families with children.

Where are the best beaches in Ksamil?

The best beaches in Ksamil are in the centre, where there are the most restaurants and cafes. But they may be too busy for some.

Are there sharks in Albania?

Yes, in
Albania there are sharks
. But they don’t live on the beaches because they are too shallow for them.

What to look out for in Albania?

Watch out on the roads, Albanians drive aggressively. It is also advisable to be careful to drink only bottled water.

Which beaches in Albania will take your breath away?

There are breathtaking beaches in Ksamil, Borshi and Himare.

When to go to Albania?

Go in June, July, August or September if you want to swim in the sea.

Why go on holiday to Albania?

Albania is a beautiful country, with mountains and luxury beaches, and it’s cheaper than Croatia.

Where to go to the sea in Albania?

To the sea in Albania, go to the resorts of Drac (Durres), Vlora (Vlára or Valona), Himara (Himare) or Ksamilu.

What kind of sea is in Albania?

In southern Albania, the sea is clean, clear and the beaches are sandy.

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