What to do in Munich? 10 Great Tips

The capital of Bavaria is only 5 hours away from the Czech Republic and is definitely worth a visit. This charming city has something to offer everyone. Munich is located in the foothills of the Alps on the Isar River and is not only a place for lovers of good beer and Oktoberfest, but also for BMW fans, artistic souls looking for inspiration, hipsters craving good Asian restaurants and even surfers. What can you do and see in Munich?

1) Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church)

View from the Peterskirche in Munich
View from the Peterskirche in Munich

The best exploration of a city always starts from the top! And so, as soon as we arrived in Munich, we headed to Marienplatz to climb the Peterskirche tower. The climb is quite long, you have to climb almost 400 steps to get to the top. But it is worth it, and with good visibility you can see the Alps in the distance.

2) Glockenspiel at the Neues Rathaus

The chimes on the Marienplatz will probably surprise you; they were built in 1908 and tell the story of the 16th century. century. The construction is really elaborate, consisting of 43 bells and 32 life-size figures, and it represents a tournament contest in which one of the knights falls from his horse.

3) Marienplatz


The square, which houses the Neues Rathaus and Peterskirche, has been there since 1158 and was formerly the site of markets and tournaments. Today it is known for the wonderful Christmas markets that start three weeks before Christmas.

4) Hofbrauhaus beer hall

It is clear that beer has an important position in Munich, since the state itself manages the beer hall here. It is also the only brewery in Munich that is state-owned. It is said that just as in Pilsen every visitor must go to the brewery restaurant Na Spilce, in Munich you should go here.


5) BMW Museum

Orange car in the Bmw Museum
Bmw Museum

Even if you are not a big fan of cars or BMWs, I can promise you that you will still enjoy the BMW Museum. We think it’s the best of Munich.

The museum will take you through the entire history of the brand, you will see the most beautiful, elegant and luxurious pieces, you can see how BMW works with design and learn what is important for the construction of a racing formula. In addition, if you speak English or German, you can download a cool app for your phone that will guide you through the entire museum.

6) Go to Nymphenburg in summer

The palace with its beautiful gardens should definitely not be missed in spring and summer. No wonder that those who ruled Bavaria in the past regularly chose this magnificent castle as their residence.


7) Frauenkirche church


Another icon of Munich, which has two identical onion-shaped towers. The Frauenkirche was built in 15. century, but unfortunately it was badly damaged during the Second World War and repairs are still in progress. Like the Peterskirche, one of the towers of the Frauenkirche can be climbed.

8) Which museums in Munich?

Alex Katz in Munich at the Brandhorst Museum
Alex Katz in Munich at the Brandhorst Museum

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and has over 80 museums. But which ones to visit?

  • Deutsches Museum – the most famous museum in Munich, which prides itself on being the largest technology museum in the world
  • Glyptothek – the only museum dedicated solely to ancient statues
  • Museum Brandhorst – a museum of modern art that only opened in 2009 and features paintings by Hirst, Warhol and Basquiat
  • Kartoffel Museum – the potato museum, and I thought Canadians were weird when I saw it in Nova Scotia
  • Pinakothek – in 19. century it was the largest art museum in Europe

9) Surf in Munich

The surfing Eisbach wave is a symbol of Munich and is located on the edge of the Englischer Garten. Beware, the water is very cold even in the hottest months, in summer you can expect only 17 degrees. If you don’t mind the cold, you can surf even in winter, it almost never freezes. Just make sure you don’t freeze from the cold…

10) Viktualienmarkt

Market in Munich
Market in Munich

If you want to sample some local delicacies, head to the Viktualienmarkt, where you’ll find just about everything. From fresh vegetables to spices to local Bavarian specialities.

How to get to Munich without a car

Lucka and Lukáš from Loudavým krokem with Flixbus in the background

By bus: you can get to Munich from Prague by Flixbus, prices reportedly start at 150 CZK, we saw the cheapest tickets for about 379 CZK. Flixbus staffs the bus like the airlines, so it pays to buy your ticket as early as possible. The more crowded the bus is, the more expensive the ticket is. The journey takes five hours and the buses are comfortable. 🙂

By train: with Czech Railways the journey will cost you about 630 CZK

We have a 20% discount on tickets with Flixbus in the Czech Republic. Click here for a discount.

Where to stay in Munich – stylish and affordable

Girl working behind desk at Motel One
Motel one in Munich is amazing

Our top recommendation for Motel One München – Deutsches Museum

We have not been this happy with our accommodation for a long time. Motel One, which is a ten minute walk from the centre of Munich, had everything we love about hotels. We were able to stay at the hotel for free thanks to an Instagram collaboration and it was a really good choice. Beautiful design, space to work and a king’s breakfast in organic quality. Plus, we got a room on the ninth floor and had a view of the whole of Munich in the morning with the mountains in the background! The smaller rooms are a nice price, but they are so cleverly designed that there was nothing to complain about.

In addition to the hotel at the Deutsches Museum, Motel One has seven other branches spread throughout the city. If you want to be right in the middle of the centre, choose Motel One München Sendlinger Tor . The hotels are identical in price and service, differing only in design style.

Tip for a great meal in Munich

By sheer coincidence we stumbled upon a little treasure just outside Eisbach. The small Asian restaurant Halong Bay really surprised us, although it doesn’t look very nice inside, we haven’t had such a good Pad Thai in a month in Thailand, Lukáš said that they have the best Pho in Europe and we were so excited that we ordered sushi. Phenomenal again. Moreover, the prices were low for Munich.

Map of Munich with locations marked on the map

Download the interactive map to Google Maps with all the places we talk about in the article.

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